Neil Young

Neil Young spoke to me the other day.

Not directly and not exactly, but I did hear him!

It was an unusual day which allowed for midday yoga, a rarity and a treat.

Earlier that day, I caught an interview on television with singer/songwriter Neil Young.

I had forgotten all about him and how much I love his voice!

I made a mental note to download some of his songs.

The interviewer asked Neil Young about his life. Were his songs autobiographical?

The singer hemmed and hawed, explaining that the songs came from inside, so inherent in each was indeed some truth. And, he admitted, not all his songs were so rosy.

The interviewer pressed further but received a cryptic answer.

It’s not all great, Neil Young said, but I’m sure glad to be here while it’s happening.

I made a written note of this concisely stated truth and went to yoga.

Over these past few months, there have been some losses. People I thought would still be here are no longer.

Losses like these make one think about the grand scheme of things and also about one’s own health.

The thought of both had made me recommit to my yoga practice. I walked into midday yoga and set up my mat.

The background music caught me by surprise. I had not heard the studio play this artist in all the time I had been practicing.

We have a little Neil Young playing, the instructor said as he walked over to switch up the songs and start the practice.

Turns out, Neil had a lot to say that day. Was this a coincidence? The Kabbalah, the study of Jewish mysticism, would say there is no such thing as a coincidence.

I have my own philosophy about synchronicity. I take coincidences like this one as a sign that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing at the time I am supposed to be doing it.

So I figured I was supposed to be standing there in that studio on my mat, caring for my body and for my spirit. And doing was fitting in the grand scheme of things, because what is the good in having strong muscles without a strong spirit?

As most of us know, any loss can create questions that seem too big for answers.

The other day, out of nowhere, someone actually asked me why I thought I was here. More specifically, the person wanted to know what I thought was my intended soul correction, another concept of Kabbalah.

Really, I had no answer. And I think it can take at least a lifetime to try to figure that one out.

The best I can do is just pay attention, be grateful and not take anything for granted.

I wanted to explain to my fellow yogis about Neil Young, but how would I even begin to do that? So instead I just completed my practice, finished my day, and that night I downloaded the singer’s songs, Harvest Moon and After the Gold Rush.

Later that week I was not surprised to find that Neil Young had moved from the background music to a spot on that day’s yoga practice playlist.

And when I heard his song, I couldn't help but blurt out his name, Neil Young! For the rest was just too much to explain.